Builder's Mark Home Improvement

Builder’s Mark offers a complete turnkey installation package for most of our products. Contact a sales associate to find out more. Remodeling can be a rather messy affair, so be prepared for some dust. Below is a sample of the installation process for our countertop services.

Countertop Services

  1. Bring in a drawing or schedule an estimate with Builder’s Mark. A rough estimate will be produced based on the layout to determine the overall cost of materials and labor for your job. If new cabinets are being installed, a follow up measurement may be in order to verify the original drawings. Once the project is paid in full, Builder’s Mark will schedule a convenient time for your installation. Installation generally takes a full day for most kitchens.
  1. Prepare the kitchen for installation. This includes:
    1. If Builder’s Mark is not removing your existing countertop, please do so before your scheduled install date.
    2. Removing items from drawers and countertops.
    3. Unfortunately, Builder’s Mark does not offer any plumbing or electrical services. Be sure to unhook all plumbing lines and/or electrical appliances before installation, or schedule a plumber and/or electrician to do so.
    4. Make a clear pathway to and from the entrance of the house to the kitchen for easy access.
    5. Ensure that a decision maker is available for any changes that may occur during the project installation.
  1. Wait 48 – 72 hours for the counters to set and cure before use. You should also schedule your plumber to re-connect any water lines only AFTER the setting period.